Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Score For Performance Two.....Drip

Ben, Genevieve, and Lily

Score: Drip

Moderately dark room, lights front and center

Everyone stands on stool facing audience

Person 1 has clay silt
Person 2 has wine
Person 3 has seeds

3 cups in front

Begins to drip

Until all containers are empty

Everyone looks straight ahead


1 comment:

  1. We wanted to do something simple for this assignment. Our piece focused on sound and the idea that we had a goal (getting stuff in cups) but that was not something we were fixated on accomplishing. I made the mistake of looking up instead of straight ahead here, and our clothing choices were a tad casual. Also our choices of items to drop was a little haphazard. I would have liked to use another food item in addition to the wine and seeds. Also we all should keep going till we are totally out of materials. And if it's all food, maybe we can drink/eat all of it at the end of our performance. This actually would be a good piece to re perform for the food assignment we just had. Definitely back to the drawing board for this one.