Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Performance Four....Gen Ben and Lily....How Animals Eat Their Food

All Performers maintain silence throughout
Gen and Ben in all black, Lily wearing big coat (kind of like a hostess)
Audience enters....plucky music is playing
Lily is the server, and writes the animal name on the board (there is a list of 10 or so)
Lily sets the table after everyone is sitting
One bowl for Gen and one for Ben
Ben goes away from the set table
Gen sits there eating her salad
Ben approaches the table using mannerisms of the animal indicated along with noises as well
Table is reset
Table cloth replaced, bowls replaced
The list is completed
The music stops
All performers bow

1 comment:

  1. I love working with Ben because I know whatever absurd idea we come up with he'll adapt to and make it shine. I've know about the "How Animals Eat Their Food" videos (which I will post on the blog later...) for years, and have always wanted to take a stab at them myself. In this class, we were not only able to do that, but able to put our own spin on it. I liked that we had kind of a host (Lily) and appreciated the comments of maybe having her walk across the stage with cards corresponding to each animal. Just over all making the thing more smooth. We also wanted to have a stage and a curtain, so we can fully reset the stage. While it was funny watching Ben kick the hell out of our little impromptu table, I would like to maintain that air of class alongside the chaos. Next time our hostess (lily) will be all gussied up too, and we'll have a better table, a music track that is continuous so we aren't scrambling to start and stop that, and we'll definitely cut some of the animals and put in some others that we think will be more catching. Overall, I had a lot of fun doing this piece, and I am happy that it's slowly but surely getting easier for me to keep a straight face during these wacky performances.