Thursday, April 28, 2016

Performance One...Gen Ben and Lily....Spitters are Quitters

Score for Performance Three...Gen and Ben....Sploosh


Heavy breathing throughout
Black sheet in the middle of the room and central light

Performers wear all black, audience enters room and they begin to breathe heavily, all lights are off
once audience is seated lights are turned on by someone else
Both performers make their way to the black sheet in the middle
make eye contact for a second
then strip down to underwear
the female lies down
the male starts blowing up condoms and filling them with whip cream
hands to female to tie
she places them aside
both make sporadic moaning noises throughout
once the can of whip cream is gone, the bottle is thrown aside
a knife is pulled out and the blown up condoms are popped over the female
ends when all condoms are popped
female leaves stage

Performance Four....Gen and Ben...How Animals Eat Their Food

the aftermath.....

Hopefully he's not concussed....

Performance Four....Gen and Ben...How Animals Eat Their Food

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Performance Four....Gen Ben and Lily....How Animals Eat Their Food

All Performers maintain silence throughout
Gen and Ben in all black, Lily wearing big coat (kind of like a hostess)
Audience enters....plucky music is playing
Lily is the server, and writes the animal name on the board (there is a list of 10 or so)
Lily sets the table after everyone is sitting
One bowl for Gen and one for Ben
Ben goes away from the set table
Gen sits there eating her salad
Ben approaches the table using mannerisms of the animal indicated along with noises as well
Table is reset
Table cloth replaced, bowls replaced
The list is completed
The music stops
All performers bow